Cleaning out my net news wire...

Gin! I love gin and disdain vodka, which I really is fussy and fusty and stuff. But gin has flavor -- I always suspect vodka drinkers of just wanting to get shitfaced, which privleges the destination over the journey. The other thing I like about this post is that it delicately implies that Bombay Sapphire is shit. My own prefs, as noted, are Plymouth for martinis, Tanqueray for G&Ts (although really anything not store brand will do).

• The cranky people at Martini Republic are starting to sound like right-wing talk radio. Dig:

Yes, the City Council that tried to bilk you of a billion dollars for an Afforable Housing Bond that would only make housing more expensive thinks that palm trees are the enemy of Los Angeles.
This is a "midnight basketball"-type argument, I think -- "the same people who want you to pay for midnight basketball think that global warming is a problem!" Also, palm trees suck (this is one liberal whose car has been mugged by a palm tree).

Tommy Smothers hates Bill Cosby. I think you have to be my age or older to care. Still:
He didn't have the balls to do it when I was looking. He slipped behind Hefner and sucker-punched me.

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