And the fair land

I'm a sucker for recurring things like the And the fair land editorial the WSJ publishes every year on the day before Thanksgiving. This year's money quote (even though it was written in 1961):His [the "traveller's"; perhaps it was overwritten in 1961] countrymen cannot forget the savage face of war. Too often they have been asked to fight in strange and distant places, for no clear purpose they could see and for no accomplishment they can measure.

On the editorial page of the Wall Street Journal, no less! Anyway, I have my own tradition, and it involves William DeVaughn:

Though you may not drive
A great big Cadillac
Gangsta whitewalls
A TV antenna in the back
You may not have
A car at all
But remember, brothers and sisters, you can still
Stand tall

Just be thankful
For what you got...

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