Sportings: rain rules all the time, please.

On BP, Nate Silver offers some "rain rules" that MLB could use in the event of cold weather. I think they should happen all the time:

Between-inning breaks are shortened from 120 sections to the usual 90 seconds. Any missed commercial time would be made up to the sponsor during the next season's All-Star Game.
The seventh-inning stretch is limited to two-and-a-half minutes. If you still want to sing God Bless America, by all means go ahead and do so. But none of the Ronan Tynan, seven-minute remix version.
Each team is limited to three mound visits over the course of the game that do not result in pitching changes.
If more than one pitching change is made in the same inning, the second relief pitcher is limited to three warm-up pitches.
The home plate umpire is given broader leeway to award a strike or ball based on excessive delay on the part of the batter or pitcher, respectively, including superfluous pick-off throws.
Finally and most importantly, FOX and MLB should jointly pledge to Americans that under no circumstances shall alternative programming during rain delays involve Michael Rapaport.
I can't stand the God Bless America myself, but I'm not into the patriotic self-love. Did they sing it during the seventh-inning stretch at the '43 World Series? Then why are you doing it here? (A similar case is Ike not saluting when he was saluted once he was President and therefore civilian. Post-Reagan presidents, though, think they're all CNC and shit.)

Meanwhile, I'm still trying to wrap my mind around the idea that MLB has become the NHL, and you can stumble around in a fog all year and still win the World Series. Actually, it's worse than the NHL -- the team that stumbles around and gets in at the last minute usually winds up losing in the Cup Final (Edmonton, Anaheim, Calgary, Washington).

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