Should I waste away from cancer? Or should I treat it by stabbing myself?

Here's the goddamn article:

If the traditional broadcasters are to save themselves, the main argument boils down to a question of investment. Should the networks respond to the new environment by cutting their losses and surviving as leanly as possible, as NBC seems to be doing? Or is now the time that executives should be investing heavily in development, trying to suss out the next generation of hits that will enable them to stem the encroachment of new media?
Do we think that this crew of development people is going to suss out anything successfully? It's like, the only thing that can save us from being the Tampa Bay Devil Rays is to be more like the Tampa Bay Devil Rays. (All the extra money would just go to Aaron Sorkin anyway, or hacks like me.)

Plus, didn't NBC order, like, 80 comedy scripts a few years back? How'd that work out? I appreciate the idea that you should try harder, but when you have a ton of pilots, it just spreads the limited frosting of comedy acting talent thinner across a bigger cake, among other things.

I think the networks would achieve more by trying less hard. Let go. Have a cocktail. Let the writers choose their own supporting cast without interference. Don't make people rewrite story outlines when they should be writing actual scripts. Remember that we writers are more likely to get you executives a bigger house than the other way round.

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