On Irritation

I've been working on a bigger post about this, but when I work on bigger posts nothing ever seems to happen, so I'll just put it out there.

After the failure of the pitch our pod partners have graciously tossed me an idea that's floating around one of the networks. And in working on it I realized what a central sitcom emotion is: irritation. Think about it: Lucy irritates Desi. Ted irritates Mary and Mur. Oscar irritates Felix. Everything irritates George Costanza. Conflict is the essence of drama, hubris is the essence of tragedy, but irritation is the essence of sitcom -- the grain of sand that produces the 22-minute pearl.

Oh, and I had this exchange with an executive:
Me: "Well, I'm not officially pitching this, but it seems like this could be a good idea to be purely silly."
Exec: "I get it, but that would never get on the air."

See? What they're not selecting for is comedy.

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