NBC layoffs

No news here -- the "no scripted programming in the 8 o'clock hour" seems chilling, especially to comedy, but it's kind of what they're doing anyway. I do want to note these two quotes from Variety (sub required, probably). First, from the Zucker article:

More than cost-cutting, Zucker said NBC U 2.0 is about a new way of doing business. He pointed to the net's hit of the fall, "Heroes," which airs on NBC Mondays; goes online with advertisements the following day; is then made available for download via iTunes for $1.99; and finally heads to the Sci Fi Channel, where a rerun airs on Friday.
Then, from the Reilly article:
Meanwhile, with talk of a writers strike continuing to percolate, Reilly said the industry should "tread carefully."

"We're on thin ice as an industry," he said. "A strike can take us right through that ice."

Reilly said he agreed that talent must be properly compensated -- "They're the lifeblood. We're all for that. But we're all trying to get a piece of a (new media) model that's very unclear."
It doesn't sound so unclear to me!

As far as comedy, I think that the nets (NBC especially) are too infected by fear of failure. Because most of them fail, and the ones that don't look like they're failing get so noted (out of love!) that they stop seeming simple and natural and then they fail.

My crackpot idea is that they should, Rove-style, go on the offensive and take a low-risk night like Saturday and schedule four sitcoms -- multicams, probably, because of the expense involved.

And at least one of the multicams should be as unprofound as Green Acres! That kind of thing is definitely not being done now.

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