Cleaning out my net news wire...

• Kevin Vranes is bringing it: Here's a good post on Rove, and did you know that the President reserves the right to appoint the unqualified to FEMA? I'm not saying "are you surprised" by that fact, just whether you knew it or not.

• Drinking: The high cost of esoteric ingredients. I've got a bottle of Peychaud's Bitters gathering dust, myself. Also Pernod, which I really can't stand, but fortunately my dad (Father Delicious, I should maybe call him) always has some when he comes around.

• And Billmon, of course:

to me it looks as if a conscious, corporate decision has been made to try to hold (or win back) the conservative "red state" audience even if it means losing the liberal "blue state" audience. Whether this is because the conservative audience is larger and more affluent, or because the strategists at Viacom, Disney, GE and Time Warner have decided that liberals are less likely to change channels when their ideological beliefs are offended, or because the more demographically desirable blue state audiences have long since "self selected" their way out of old media's reach all together, I don't know. But when Mark Halperin promises Bill O'Reilly he will feel his pain, or the CBS Evening News gives every conservative nut job in America a spot on "Free Speech," or NBC refuses to accept an ad for the Dixie Chicks because it disrepects Shrub, or Time puts Ann Coulter on the cover, I think they're making economic statements as much as journalistic ones.
I completely agree and, if pressed, I guess B -- liberals don't get as pissed off. I choose B because I've been watching Fox cover baseball and it's obvious they don't give a shit about baseball fans because, after all, where are we going to go? So I think that permeates the whole corporation.

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