Cleaning out my net news wire...

I like to start the week with a clean soul, but I like to start the weekend with a clean feed reader (long "e" sounds are funny -- e.g. Ned Schneebly, Mike White's character in "School of Rock"):

This is disgusting to me. Washington sure as hell didn't think his civilian overlords were taking orders from God. And what if God is joking? It wouldn't be the first time.

• Whereas this is just sad and wistful. Farewell, old friends.

• Climate: a nerdy discussion which I can't follow about wind power, here. Yet it leaves me feeling strangely optimistic.

• LA's disrespect for transit, here. It is getting a little better, though. Once gas goes up to >$3/gal again I bet there'll be another push to spruce up the system.

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