Cleaning out my net news wire...

Blunt talk from the "I Dislike Your Favorite Team" squad about NASCAR and the Confederate Flag.

• Annals of Capitalism, Regulatory Capture division:

Here’s [utility executive] Dick Kelly on his “top-of-mind issue”: “ We have gone to the regulators and the state legislative body and have it written in law that we’re going to recover our investment before we spend a dime. We’ve got about $5 billion worth of projects that we’re going to recover before we actually start spending the money. If you have that kind of up-front support, then you can go to investors and they’ll lend you the money.” (Translation: Xcel's bad credit rating has limited its financing options, so Xcel requested that ratepayers assume the risk of the coal-fired plant which Xcel freely admits in filings is being built to satisfy Wall Street; regulators like COPUC Chairman Greg Sopkin attend utility meetings where he learns, according to the Denver press, “how utilities can win a rate case.” Sopkin’s shindigging in fancy hotels with the utilities clearly worked for Xcel.)
• Bob Cringely thinks YouTube is not the future of television. I still think it hurts comedy some (more so than drama or reality, which leverage the resources of professional TV more.)

Every 52 seconds, someone cites a bullshit statistic.

• Two Defamer things: Those Fox menus are pretty funny. I worked there for a little while and was starting to collect them. Also:
China suspends the premieres of Miami Vice, World Trade Center, and, potentially, Casino Royale to clear room for the propaganda films scheduled for--and we're not making this up--"October Golden Autumn Excellent Domestic Film Exhibition Month."

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