Is it too early to be on the Borat backlash? That's what I thought when I saw him on SNL. I also had these two thoughts:

1. I don't think Sasha Baron Cohen uses his voice as well as he could. What I mean by this is that he doesn't get enough out of the "instrument." I also thought that in "Talladega Nights" -- he had the right attitude, and he was funny, but I wanted his voice to be funnier.

2. This is just a dirty "now are the foxes."

Then I remembered: because he's on NBC he can't be anti-Semitic, and I think that's kind of at the heart of the character; all the "sexy time" stuff is funny, just like any dialect stuff is funny (cf. "tooth hurty"), but what's really got Cohen pissed off is casual anti-Semitism, and that's the fuel the character is running on.

All of which is to say that I'm still sky-high for the "Borat" movie, but I think there's probably a greater chance than I thought that I will, somehow, be disappointed. Oh, and SNL wasted Hugh Laurie, I thought. Now there's a guy who knows how to use his voice.

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