Torture and the one-party state

The torture thing is depressing. It's depressing for this reason (it will turn Americans into thugs), and it's depressing for this reason (we will never be able to correct the mistakes we will surely make), and it's depressing for this reason (it will drive out the very people we need the most). But for me it's also depressing because it's proven that we live in a one-party state. My party, the Democrats, laid down like dogs. For which they will still be treated like Emmanuel Goldstein, by the way.

I regret to inform myself that the Greens were right: we don't have an opposition, we just have hardliners and moderates among the ruling faction.

It's a soft one-party state, because we can still bitch about it and spend the rest of the day watching college football, instead of being hauled into jail. But you watch -- within 20 years people will forget that this torture is only meant for foreigners. Why should the terrorists be the only ones who get to be tortured, when we've got all these dangerous black people right here at home? It's like what we did to the Indians -- little by little, generation by generation, it turned into a near-genocide.

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