Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip

(Part of an ongoing effort to watch pilots this year so I can know how I fucked up my career. )


• I agree with everything Judd Hirsch mentions in his speech, except that I also believe in brevity.

• But if TV has encoarsenified everyone, I hardly think a satirical sketch show will point us to the road back to classiness. I mean, I love the Daily Show, but it's not like it's not coarse.

• I loved how our writing team is at the prestigious Writers' Guild Awards. I shouldn't snigger, but snigger I do; honestly, how am I ever going to outgrow my self-hate as a TV writer if I don't also hate other TV writers? At least Sorkin had the accurate detail of there being no press.

• Amanda Peet: warning track power. But you can't always tell by pilots.

• Ultimately I am always bumped by the very thing that I think people love about Sorkinworld: that people talk in these complicated Dr. Johnson-esque sentences. I understand how that's appealing, it's just not for me. I like it better when characters talk like Bugs Bunny.

• Oh, and the awesome thing about having Judd Hirsch deliver the you-fucking-morons speech is this famous (among writers, anyway) story:

With only a few episodes written and the main charaters barely established, the executives felt that the scripts were already focusing too much on secondary players. “But it’s supposed to be an evolving ensemble comedy,” [Kevin] Curran told the group, like Taxi. “Maybe so,” parried one of the excutives, “but there’s a difference. Taxi had Judd Nelson.” Curran could not contain himself: “It was Judd Hirsch, you fucking moron.” In short order, production on Circus was suspended, and Curran was gone.

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