Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip (2)

I never really had a guilty pleasure -- as far as TV goes, anyway -- until now. It's all I can do not to liveblog it, but 1) I don't watch it live, and 2) I think that leads to a terminal snarkiness that will be commented on negatively by one of the characters on "Studio 60". We already know what Aaron Sorkin thinks about reality shows, the New York Times, and bloggers. Next week expect Bradley Whitford to direct an elaborately grammatical jibe against people who get in the express lane with 16 items.

See, I'm snarking again.

But seriously, Gilbert & Sullivan? And nobody says, even lovingly, that that's a wee bit, I don't know, twee? I have worked with some show queens, gay and straight, and we wouldn't dream of foisting "I've Got A Little List" on in prime-time. Well, we would dream of it.

If "Studio 60" show is in prime time. If it is not in prime time, then the network president -- to say nothing of her corporate boss -- is spending too much time on it.

Anyway, I just lap it up, enjoying the notes of contempt that Aaron Sorkin has for me and other TV lifers, since the message of the show is that there's nothing wrong with television that can't be cured by replacing its current workers with people from superior mediums like film and theater.

I feel some more snark coming on, so I'll stop, at least till next week.

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