Sports notes

Tom Verducci writes:

But Liriano and Santana, especially if the Twins can have them lined up to start the Division Series, loom over this postseason the way Randy Johnson and Curt Schilling did in 2001. Arizona's aces started 11 of the team's 17 postseason games that year, culminating with both of them pitching in the World Series clincher. It didn't matter that the Diamondbacks used Albie Lopez, Miguel Batista and Brian Anderson to cover the six games Johnson and Schilling could not start.
Really? When you're a rookie who's been shut down for a month in the middle of a pennant race, I don't see how you can loom. I scoff. That's not to say he's not a good pitcher. But I don't see him running out there on two days rest and stuff, which, in the postseason, is basic looming.

• I enjoyed this article about how Hustlin' Bob Huggins has already helped to Kansas State University:
Wow. K-State went from zero to $12.3 million on the swooshometer before Huggins even coached his first practice. And according to Huggins' contract, the school only has to give him a $125,000 annual cut of that haul....K-State knew it risked a hit to its rep by hiring Huggins, given his checkered past. It admitted as much by putting a clause in his contract that he could be fired for committing "an act that causes material injury to the university's reputation." From a business standpoint, however, the hire was no gamble. The Wildcats have already taken it straight to the bank.
What I like about the article is, no tut-tutting. There's no, this isn't what a university is for, all that stuff. It's more an attitude of, "college sports are a big business, we made it a big business, we prefer our educational institutions when they're slightly perverted by the pursuit of amusement, now let's go to the numbers." If only Frank Deford (say) would be as grown up!

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