Schwarzenegger Bullshit Watch (21)

With Bills in the Balance, Arnold Hauls In Checks:

"As legislators were approving more than 1,000 bills in August, Schwarzenegger was crossing the state, and the country, soliciting campaign cash. Now, as he decides whether to sign those bills into law or nix them with a veto, he will be cashing checks from scores of contributors whose interests intersect with legislation.[...] Last week alone, the Republican governor held five fundraisers, including two on Friday in the Central Valley, two in Los Angeles and one in suburban Sacramento. He has scheduled at least 22 such events this month.

'This is exactly the kind of practice he said he was going to Sacramento to end,' said Angelides consultant Bill Carrick.

As a candidate in the 2003 recall campaign, Schwarzenegger called for fundraising blackout periods covering times when weighty decisions were being made. The proposal was a swipe at then-Gov. Gray Davis — the man Schwarzenegger ousted — who used the months when he was signing bills as prime fundraising season.

Schwarzenegger never followed through on his own idea."

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