Schwarzenegger Bullshit Watch (19)

I am happy that our imported bullshit artist governor signed the global warming bill, but in the last analysis I have to agree with The Poor Man:

"Ah-nuld is nothing. He is (barely) an actor, employed by right-wing interests to serve as a charismatic, if unintelligible, facade. If you want to know what he stands for, what he really believes in, remember all the bullshit he put up in that bullshit special election last year - all of which was designed to decrease the political power of Democratic constituencies and/or hand out money to reliable Republican interests. That’s what he stands for, and all this touchy-feely bipartisanship, as well as his now-forgotten crypto-racist pandering, is a means to that end. He is a Bush-Cheney Republican, through and through. I’m sorry if you don’t like hearing it, but that’s the real."
My own feeling is that Schwarzengger is more an opportunist like Nixon, the red-baiter who started EPA, and not so much a believer in false theories like Bush/Cheney.

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