Pilot blogging: The Breckin Meyer Effect

So the thing I noticed in "The Class" is that they have a nice guy with no funny lines in the middle of the show. I call this the Breckin Meyer effect because there was some goddamn show in which Breckin Meyer was assigned this unhappy duty -- being the regular guy who had nothing funny to do. Shows with a nice guy in the middle of them tend to have a hard go of it. I will use math to show why:

Nice = uninteresting.

Yet it’s easier than you’d think to fall into this trap, because nice is also relateable. All shows must be relateable. More seriously, a show that has all crazy people in it is just as tedious to watch as the nice-guy show, except it's more irritating, which I'm worried the quirky-with-a-capital-K characters are going to be in The Class. Again, though, and I can't emphasize this enough, you can't really tell from the pilot. Here's a show with about 8 people on the billboard -- there's no way these characters are fully fleshed out yet. Also, with such a big cast, minutes are at a premium, just like in the NBA. So you can't blame an actor for throwing up crazy quirky threes in an effort to get on the score sheet.

Also, where are they going to hold this sitcom? I don't see a homebase anywhere. Are we following them on their separate stories, or is every scene at the guy's house going to begin with a character having to tell us why they came over?

Okay, now I've made myself depressed about the path I chose for myself. Like the members of The Class, I've got a lot to learn.

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