Catching up with a few things from NetNewsWire:

• Against authenticity: Alex Ross in a post on Dylan:

Dylan meets Thelonious Monk and identifies himself as a folksinger, to which Monk repies, "We all play folk music." Which reminds me of what Edward Elgar said when the likes of Gustav Holst and Ralph Vaughan Williams started insisting that English composers should use native folk tunes: "I am folk music."

Green LA Girl for Phil Angelides. (See also this. The fact that no one knows about these is typical Democratic fuckups, if you ask me.

• I really need to be blogging more: Bob Cringely on my unemployed future:
As production and marketing costs and capital requirements decline, the entertainment advantage is being lost to smart kids who are closer to the market and lack mortgages and child support payments... the video sharing market of today would allow a Frank Caliendo to rise to the top and make a good living even if MADtv had never existed, which is the scariest lesson of all for Hollywood's talent gatekeepers.

It isn't that Hollywood is dying, but being reborn with a new skeleton and muscles. And while the studios and networks hope to still provide the brains to drive this new entity, that is very doubtful. Not all smart people drive Range Rovers and live in L.A.

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