Everything they taught you about education is wrong

What college you go to doesn't matter.

Homework doesn't matter for the wee ones.

Breakfast is not the most important meal of the day.

Money quote on college (from Michael Wolff's review):

That a top high school student may also be among the market’s extreme and grotesque creations — i.e., an adolescent who accepts authority, willingly does absurd amounts of homework, is respectful of his or her college guidance counselor, listens to his or her parents and is a dedicated standardized-test-taker to boot — doesn’t seem to occur to Golden. He’s on the side of the upper-middle-class grind and suck-up
On homework, there's two that go together. First, Kevin Drum:
...simple socioeconomic inequality is such an overwhelming factor that everything else combined is barely a blip on the radar.
And from Slate:
Eli's homework seems like an imposition when I measure it against running around the playground or playing card games or building with blocks or talking to his little brother.In response to this, Cooper delicately suggested that my idea of a childhood afternoon well-spent is idealized and elitist. Maybe so. But the argument that homework is a net benefit for most kids has a big weakness. When homework boosts achievement, it mostly boosts the achievement of affluent students. They're the ones whose parents are most likely to make them do the assignments, and who have the education to explain and help.
Enjoy your Russia!

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