Cleaning out my net news wire...

I'm still in the midst of pitch mania, but here's some bulletlicious love:

Annals of Capitalism:

In the first sanction of its kind, California's top HMO regulator fined Blue Cross on Thursday for illegally canceling a woman's medical policy because she did not disclose corrective surgery she had 23 years earlier.

The $200,000 fine might not be the last resulting from the state's investigation of allegations that insurers dump sick policyholders to avoid paying claims, said Cindy Ehnes, director of the Department of Managed Health Care.
• I quite enjoyed this Alex Ross appreciation of Lorriane Hunt Lieberson. I can confirm that her "Ich Habe Genug" on Nonesuch is stark and beautiful. (I also like it when he listened to Mozart in chronological order. )

• What's life like when you work for Disney? Like this:
I once was on a standards committee with a Disney TV executive who was convinced that every time Disney broadcasted an old show, the copyright clock started over for that program -- so if you put a 50 year old cartoon on TV, it would get another 95 years of fresh copyright.

• I don't do as much climate blogging as I used to, because more people are paying attention, but here are some recent links explaining why ethanol is bullshit, why plug-in hybrids may also be bullshit, and yet another reason why we're fucked; I'm not a maximal pessimist, like Billmon or James Lovelock, but things are going to get worse before they get better.

But enough with the decline and disaster and disappointment of our republic and our climate! I've got comedy to write!

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