Belated blog day shoutouts

From Green LA Girl I learn that Thursday I should have listed 5 blogs I enjoy. Well, better late than &c. &c. Here goes:

Climate: I used to blog on climate a lot, because I thought this was a huge issue that no one was paying attention to, but now attention is paid so that gives me an excuse to be lazy! Almost every day, a good climate blog is born, these days. A good, if dry, overview of the state of play can be found at Science and Politics of Global Climate Change (See, I told you it was dry.) I'm also fond of the Ventura-based Kit Stolz and SF (I believe) based Brian Schmidt.

Sports: Everybody knows, or ought to, about The Mighty MJD and Paul Lukas's blog about uniforms. I also like the super-cranky Tom Benjamin, who can't quit the NHL nicotine.

LA: New York is a newspaper town, to have a newspaper defined what it is to be a New Yorker. Will blogs do the same for LA, now an awkward teen? The LA City Nerd is on the case. Even nerdier are Mitch Glaser's and Peter McFerrin's city planning blogs.

That's more than five, and I had more, but I have to run. That'll get you started.


Anonymous said...

hmm... luv this thread :))

Anonymous said...

и всё эе: восхитительно! а82ч