When The Levees Broke

Mrs. D. and I watched the first part of "When The Levees Broke" last night off the Tivo. Of course its outrageous in the sense of outrage-making: the DNC should mail copies of this movie to likely voters. And I don't have more to say about it outside of what Digby and Frank Rich have to say today -- except that aesthetically, Spike Lee has a great ear. And I never quite realized it, because my default position is that Spike Lee the director is ill-served by Spike Lee the writer. But here, the people interviewed are really alive and talk memorably -- credit to them, of course, and being New Orleanians they have a sense of persona, but Spike brings it out and knows what to leave in. And, when you think about it, actors almost always seem really alive in Spike Lee movies, however ridiculous they might be at times. It's funny, but for a famous dude, Spike Lee may not get enough credit.

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