The LA Times has terrible design, and their decision to cut their Saturday Sports section letters was a terrible one, but they do run the good long pieces. The ocean series was great (and depressing), and this GW piece is also great -- and depressing, in that it shows what shitheads we are:

"The survey of 1,478 adults, conducted over five days ending Tuesday, revealed a growing awareness of global warming. More than seven in 10 said it was a serious problem, and 58% said the Bush administration was doing too little to reduce it.

Three-quarters said they had cut back on household spending or taken steps to conserve energy in response to rising energy costs. Forty-five percent said they approved of oil drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in Alaska; 51% opposed it.

Less than 10% said the government should mandate stricter mileage standards to reduce reliance on foreign oil, whereas 52% said the government should invest in alternative energy sources such as wind and solar power. (An additional 3% volunteered that the government should take both those measures and more.) And to cut carbon dioxide emissions linked to global warming, 56% favored market incentives to develop new technology, compared with 11% in favor of capping emissions from vehicles and businesses; 12% volunteered that the government should do both, and 15% said the government did not need to do anything more."

I know, I know, a lot of this is due to the false-choice way pollsters ask their questions. But the idea that people know what's causing the problem and yet unwilling to do anything about it -- well, it just makes you say "shitheads," is what it does.

You know who aren't shitheads? The guys who did this.

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