Politics: Living in the future

Am wanting to point out this little note from Gristmill:

By around 2045, there will be nine billion people on the planet.

Now, I don't want to start one of the interminable debates about population that exercise the environmental community and bore everybody else.

It's just a fact of note that a world with 9 billion homo sapiens on it is fundamentally different than one with a billion on it.

So the obvious answer to the question of "how should 9 billion human beings best organize their collective affairs?" is:

No. One. Knows.
(The overdramatic punctuation, which communicates the gravity of the situation, is in the original.) Everything is demographics (so the executives tell me) and how we are going to keep all of us watered, plus figuring out what we are going to burn to cook our food etc., and what happens after we burn the stuff -- well, there better be some awesome engineers in that nine billion. Sewage engineers, particularly. That's going to be an awesome amount of shit in 2045, although per capita I think the record might still be held by those gilded age robber barons.

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