Much to read today on my NetNewsWire, which I can't use well enough to post out of (I have to switch to Firefox):

• At The Battle of California, a cute drawing of the NHL's Pacific Division by the prolific Earl Sleek;

• Via Martini Republic, I see where Jack Shafer is taking Marty Peretz to task over his use of $10 words. All to the good, but I would carve out an exception for "ultramontane", which Shafer, perhaps deliberately, interprets literally. "Ultramontanes" are those more Catholic than the pope, the paleos, the people (like my Latin teacher in high school), who thought Vatican II was the work of the Communists. Surely there's a place for that word. Plus it sounds nice.

• Billmon, our cheerful prophet of doom, refers to an old post which ends thus:

What it may need is a new population (or half of a population, anyway), one that hasn't been stupified or brainwashed into blind submission, that won't look upon sadistic corruption and call it patriotism, and that will refuse to trade the Bill of Rights for a plastic Jesus and a wholly false sense of security.
And I, with my Tory, ultramontane bent, tend to agree.