LA: The Counter

I like the Counter, in Santa Monica, (and I would be interested in Digby's take on it since it's about six blocks from his PO Box) but going national? I dunno. Sounds like the birth of an OOs-era Johnny Rockets, if you ask me. I'm with the LA Biz Observed dude:

Frankly, I still don't get it - jotting down the toppings you want on a pad (there are 300,000 possible combinations, but does anyone ever choose dried cranberries?), and then waiting in line to place your order, and then waiting some more to get an open table, and then waiting quite a while longer before the adorned burger finally arrives. It's a very good burger, but waaay more trouble than it's worth.
Blow off the line, people -- go to Gary's down the street for a nothing-fancy burger but nice, well-done, freshly fried fries. Oprah hasn't ruined that place yet.

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