Jesus not chick magnet, say churchgoers

Everyone should be stuck at a Starbucks with a New York Times because you picked something up at the frame store in the wrong car and had to have one's wife go back and get the bigger car, because you can read stories like this, about how Christians don't like women talking to them:

"The Rev. Dottie Escobedo-Frank, pastor of Crossroads United Methodist Church in Phoenix, said that at every church where she has served, people have told her they were leaving because she is a woman.

At a large church where she was an associate pastor, a colleague told her that when she was in the pulpit, he could not focus on what she was saying because she is a woman. A man in the congregation covered his eyes whenever she preached."
I'm quite fond of crazy old Jesus myself, but at times like these I really do wish he were all-powerful.

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