You can watch global warming while you cause it!

From this morning's LA Times, about the random blackouts we had during the heatwaveHeat Wave Caught DWP Unprepared:

"Moreover, the DWP's projections didn't fully account for the increased energy use of today's larger, highly electronic homes — including the growing popularity of big-screen plasma TVs, which eat up about as much power as a large refrigerator and about a third the energy of a central air system.

Nationally, power companies are expecting a 50% increase in the power used by televisions as more people convert to more sophisticated sets."

I don't know why this bugs me particularly; it's not like air conditioning is any less of a luxury item. Maybe it's just my ambivalent attitude toward TV, which I blame for all societal ills -- Fox News, hippies, everything. So when people, as they increasingly do, really get into their TV, home-theater style, it just feels like they've built a guest room for Satan. And, because of all the power it uses, it's certainly making it hotter!

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