Soccer stuff

I was sick last week and watched the semi-final games and found the soccer to be pretty absorbing. No commercials helps a lot, plus there's always the threat that something might happen. Other thoughts:

1. I liked the headbutt, mostly I guess because I didn't have a dog in that fight.

2. The diving is awful. Would it help if the reward were reduced? A penalty shot is a huge deal, so's a yellow/red card. If the prize were less maybe you'd see less of it.

2a. Also if you could increase scoring that would reduce the importance of each individual goal. As a hockey fan, though, I know it's hard to increase scoring -- something I attribute to the increased size of today's players (the fans are also bigger, but that's just in the ass). There's just less space to create in soccer, hockey, basketball.

3. But given the low-scoring it's remarkable to me how few upsets there are. You'd think someone like Ivory Coast or someone would get a couple or three 1-0 and PK wins and slip into the final. Yet it's hard for a Cinderellla to get in the final four.

4. I liked Marcelo Balboa. So sue me! At least I don't dump a lot of overpriced vodka in a satellite dish and call it a "martini"!

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