Short stuff

• Mrs. D and I saw "Little Miss Sunshine" tonight. A little bit of pointless originality (it's not just Grandpa, it's Grandpa with a heroin habit), but that's not so bad. Think of it as the most heartwarming episode of "Arrested Development" ever!

• Also: if you're in a grocery store late at night, never get in line behind a woman buying cat food. Something is bound to go wrong. True story.

• I really enjoyed this post on the UniWatch blog, of the Mets broadcasters talking about socks:

Hernandez: That was the one thing, when I came over here, the Mets didn’t have stripes on their socks, and it so disappointed me, because I was used to the Cardinals’ stripes…

Cohen: The Cardinals are famous for the stripes. Rick Ankiel, before he melted down, used to wear those striped socks.

Hernandez: The Red Sox and the Cardinals have the best socks in baseball. [Hernandez is apparently unaware that the Red Sox hose have been stripe-free for several years.]

Cohen: But nobody sees them anymore.

Hernandez: Exactly.
That's the sound of time being filled, my friends. That's the sound of summer.

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