"Mr. T, why do you pity the fool?"

I would not want to be a TV critic, myself, but I would have liked to have been at TCA for this exchange:

Question: Mr. T, why do you pity the fool?

Mr. T: That is a good question. That is a good question and a legitimate question. And I'm the man to answer it. You pity the fool because you don't want to beat up a fool. You know, pity is between sorry and mercy. See, if you pity him, you know, you won't have to beat him up. So that's why I say fools, you gotta give another chance because they don't know no better. That's why I pity them.

Comment: Mr. T's answer is about 80% not insane enough.

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90s_kid said...

Who wants Mr. T's pity? That's got to be the worst kind of pity.