Mel Gibson

1. I can't say I'm surprised. I grew up among right-wing Catholics. Right-wing Catholics are a population vulnerable to anti-Semitism. It's like their sickle-cell. I don't want to paint with too broad a brush: Wojtyla seemed pretty free of it. I'm not so sure about Ratzinger. But then Wojtyla seemed to have a modus vivendi with the modern world that Ratzinger doesn't.

2. That some Jewish groups would still be willing to get into bed with Mel Gibson when his movie came out just shows you what a powerful force modernity is. Ditto Catholics getting into bed with your fundamentalist types -- don't they know what they fundamentalist types would do to them if they had the power? (After they first dealt with the Jews, presumably.) Have the Catholics forgotten the election of 1928? But such is the force of the enemy (hippies, women, etc.) that strange alliances must be made.

3. I am highly confident that people who have worked around Mel Gibson have had to hear these sentiments before, and it is to their bewildered, fixed grins and dead eyes that I dedicate this post.

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