Let us now praise dead trees.

I don't have a huge take on this, I just thought it was interesting. PBS | I, Cringely . July 20, 2006 - They Wrap Fish, Don't They?:

"So news lives longer on the Web. Is this good or bad? ...[A]s a columnist I'm actually paid to have opinions and mine in this case is that this news stickiness is bad, very bad, because it means we read less and ultimately learn less than we did in the past....

Newspapers, because they are printed daily, have a lifespan of one day. And because they generally have several stories on each page, we have the opportunity to SCAN the news in parallel. These are two huge advantages of print journalism over its electronic counterpart. "

That's the thing I note when I sit down and read the newspaper -- which seems like work compared to just looking at my RSS feeds: you're allowed to be surprised by a news story. Also, a first-rate paper has much more news than you think it does. I'm reminded of I.F. Stone's line about the Washington Post -- you never know on what page you'll find a page 1 story. That was a criticism then. Now, maybe, you could understand it differently -- somewhere in that paper is a Page 1 story.

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