LA Times notes

FIRST OF ALL, they used "illicit" for "elicit" in this story. ("So that's just what Greenberg did to illicit tears from the 27 or so 2- and 3-year-olds featured in her latest exhibition, "End Times," recently at the Paul Kopeikin Gallery in Los Angeles.") Once again our 30-year campaign to maleducate Americans bears fruit!

The item I was really interested in, though, was this soccer story, about Chivas USA playing a friendly (great noun) against Mexico's Club America:

"For some time, America has been investigating the possibility of investing in MLS. Should that happen, it probably would create a rivalry beyond what MLS has in Chivas USA and the Galaxy."
But what will they call it? Club America USA? Club America America? Club America "Fuck Yeah"? I dunno. And if MLS wants to stir up Chivas USA-Galaxy passion, they need to take advantage of the immigration debate, and make it more like Celtic-Rangers. That'll be fun for the kids!

"Illicit tears." On the front page of Calendar, no less. Sheesh.

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