Inheritance taxes

Even though I made a lot of money at one time, I've always been in favor of hefty inheritance taxes. I like nice paved roads, for example, and bombers, and the money's got to come from somewhere, so why not take it from the dead? Better it come from American dead than live Chinese bankers, is what I say. And better we take dead people's money than their delicious brains -- don't get me started on that!

However, this effort -- and it's just an example -- to tie "Paris Hilton" to "inheritance taxes" won't work, in my opinion. I don't think people hate Paris Hilton. She's like a cartoon character. So when you say, "we can't do X because Paris Hilton has to have more money," I don't think it gets people as steamed as it's supposed to. It's like saying that Lisa Douglas from Green Acres makes shitty hotcakes. Of course she makes shitty hotcakes! That's why she's so funny!

I would pick on the CEO from Exxon who has a double chin the size of my home county. Or Sean Combs -- that might work, once people realize that rich black people get to keep their money they'll probably want to change that law tout suite. (Cf. urban policy.)

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