I wish I didn't agree with this

Billmon says what needs to be said:

" In my darker moments, it sometimes seems as if the entire world is in the middle of a fierce backlash against the Age of Enlightenment, the Scientific Revolution and the ideological challenges they posed to the old belief systems. The forces of fundamentalism and obscurantism appear to be on the march everywhere-- even as the moral and technological challenges posed by a global industrial civilization grow steadily more complex.

Climate change is only one of those challenges, and maybe not even the most urgent one -- at the rate we're going, civilization could collapse long before the Antarctic ice shelves do. Maybe as a species we really have reached the same evolutionary dead end as Australopithecus robustus -- intelligent enough as a species to create problems we're not bright enough, or adaptable enough, to solve."

He also mentions something I've believed for a long time -- that the reason the New York Times et al have turned to the right is not because they're so weak, or lickspittle -- it's just a good way to try to sell papers.

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