Dodger lies

Via Dodger Thoughts, some Dodger PR guys says this:

"Please don't get me wrong - I'm not looking to bash Plaschke. I actually respect him immensely, his years of covering the game and his right to voice his opinion. He's truly one of the best writers in the country."
He cannot possibly mean this. I've been reading sports pages all my life, and Bill Plaschke is the worst columnist I ever read, and I read Dick Young when he was old and thought night baseball was the work of the communists. Bill Plaschke is worse than my hometown paper columnist who called basketball players "cagers" and rebounds "caroms". I would rather read Stuart Scott, if he had a column, than Bill Plaschke; I would rather read old press releases where the words are rearranged in random order. The guy's a douche; he's everything wrong with print sports media today. Bill Plaschke makes your average weekend sports talk radio host seem like Dorothy fucking Parker. He's worse than T.J. Simers, even.

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