The All-Star Game: Dull on Fox!

I like Joe Buck as a play-by-play guy, and I give him credit for not strangling Tim McCarver, but he is a sucky PA announcer. Introduction of the All-Star starting lineups is about 57% of the fun of the All-Star game, and he handles it like it was a Rockies-Pirates game in April. Plus, don't we want the local guy? How else will we know what it's like to go to Pittsburgh?

Let me be the millionth to say, "Fox sucks."

PS -- and I am old, old enough to remember when McCarver was an exciting new announcer with the New York Mets, and his shitty puns numbered in the mere hundreds of thousands.

UPDATE: Good liveblog of the game here.

UPDATE (2): Bud Seilg makes Gary Bettman, whom I loathe, look like a commissioner men want to be and women want to be with.

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