I have to go on another trip - it's one of the duties of the unemployed man. But I'm also taking a vacation in a larger sense, until I figure out how to being some coherence here and can get things up to one-eighth of the level of my favorite blogs. In other words, if I can't pin the dials I don't want to plug in at all.

Until next time, etc.


Annals of Capitalism

The Economics of Henry Ford May Be Passe:

"In Michigan, Ford and General Motors have been cutting thousands of jobs, creating the country's sickest local economy and hurting even well-to-do suburbs. Yet the Suburban Collection, a car dealership north of Detroit, sold 90 Bentleys last year, up from 70 in 2004. David Butler, a manager there, said he expected to sell more than 100 Bentleys this year. The car costs at least $180,000. The dealership also opened a Lamborghini showroom in January. It is true that Rolls-Royces aren't selling very well, but the main reason seems to be that Mr. Butler's customers don't feel comfortable being seen in a $300,000 car when the state is suffering so badly. 'It's not that they can't afford it,' he said. 'It's because of the image it would give.'"

Hello again

"I could tell that it was reentering my body, because I felt a sudden chill, and a voice said, 'I'm back. You want to pass me those raisins?'"

-- Woody Allen