Work blogging: Shitcanned

I got shitcanned yesterday. The network has "recommended" that the show bring in a yet-to-be-named high-level guy, who will 1) take the network's notes and 2) take the remainder of the writing staff budget.

O well. I feel like I should feel worse, but I don't. Maybe it's because we've wrapped, so there's no appreciable difference in my life now -- I'm not going to work anyway. But I suspect most of it is old-pro-ness: it's not personal, just business.

The real bummer is now I have to go to meetings in April and May. They're not even that excruciating, it's just getting the phoniness out of storage; or, more accurately, it's exchanging my regular everyday casual phoniness for my bright shiny Monday-go-to-meeting phoniness.

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