A true tale of Los Angeles

Some people Mrs. D. knows got their car stolen. Later that day, one of the thieves (presumably) called them up to tell them that they had thrown the man's prescription glasses out of the car before they drove off. I believe they found them sure enough.

The more you think about it the more gentleman-thief-like the behavior seems. The thieves, or thief, is at the chop shop or wherever, and he thinks, I wonder if that guy saw his glasses on the ground near where I stole his car. I better call him just to make sure.

I myself was mugged many years ago in New York, and the muggers took the money out of my wallet and gave me the wallet back, saving me much inconvenience. Perhaps it was this courtesy that prevented me from turning into one of those post-mugging conservatives.

The thief called him up. Can you imagine?

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