Heatup Roundup: Micropower! edition

• Will micropower save London? Let a thousand turbines bloom!

• Kit Stolz has been blogging his head off. This post, about how reducing ozone may help us in the arctic, is good, and I also liked this one, The Future Taps Us On The Shoulder, featuring an interview from the Ventura County Reporter with Eugene Linden:

I’m not a survivalist. I compare our situation to that of Europe in World War II. When you think about that history, you wonder: Why on earth did people stay in Europe? But if you look at what happened, once Stalin and Hitler took control, people found there was nowhere to go. If the wheels really do come off, there will be no place to go. Somebody said to me, well, if that happens, the rich will still have their vehicles. But if nobody else has vehicles, the rich won’t be able to keep theirs either.

• The CEO of Shell agrees. (Via Climate Change Action.)

• Smackdown! Can temperature trends in the upper atmosphere and the surface be reconciled? I don't pretend to understand, but I do get rhetoric like "Roger Pielke has completely jumped the shark".

• WIred is starting an interview series about climate change. (Via DeSmog Blog

RealClimate comes out in favor of a hurricane-AGW link.

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