Heatup Roundup: Bunking and Debunking Edition

Gary Jones forwards two debunking theories re: AGW. Debunking claim 1: MIT scientist's Richard Lindzen's opinion that CO2 is over-rated as a AGW cause. Debunking claim 2: some Russian dude's opinion that the Tunguska comet in 1908 messed with the water vapor in the upper atmosphere and hence caused some global warming. An attempted debunking of debunking claim 1 is done by RealClimate here. (I use weasel words because I am of course not qualified to judge the relative bunkosity of anyone's science.). A short debunking of debunking claim 2 is done by the CIP here.

• Super-depressing post and comments about the once-mighty Polar Ice Cap, now gone the way of telegrams and big band jazz, at the Oil Drum, here. And during March Madness! At least they give us cool (heh heh) polar ice graphics.

Kevin Vranes on hurricanes (I'm sure he's heard that before). Money quote: "... if you're truly worried about damage, it is by now very obvious ...that coastal building and demographics patterns are much more important to hurricane damage trends than AGW likely ever will be."

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