Comment I was going to leave at Brad DeLong's, but can't because the server''s messed up

Brad DeLong's Semi-Daily Journal: "Whig history. The straight stuff. 200 proof. Very, very good to the taste."

Oh, man, back in the day me and the guys would do Whig History jello shots 24/7! One time Smitty passed out, vomited, then, with bits of regurgitated Macaulay still on his face, pulled three massive Annales School b-hits! Awesome.

UPDATE: I checked Wikipedia to make sure my Annales School reference was right and got this priceless sentence:

An eminent member of this school, Georges Duby, wrote in the forward of his book "Le dimanche de Bouvines" that the history he is teaching "rejected on the sidelines the sensational, was reluctant to the simple acounting of events, strived on the contrary to pose and solve problems and, neglecting the surface trepidations, wanted to observe on the long and medium term the evolution of economy, society and civilisation."
And they said their history was hard to read! I am reluctant to agreeing!


Anonymous said...

yoo... 10x for style :))

Anonymous said...

по моему мнению: отлично!! а82ч