More special

Can't post as it's tax time. But I will share this -- in the room we were talking about vague exec notes, like "It needs to be more special." "How do I make it more special?" the writer in question asked. No idea.

Other vague exec notes include "I just need to care more," or "Dig deeper" (which we writers take to mean, "Put in more backstory"). Some execs know enough to realize the general is only found in the specific, so even if you disagree at least you both know that they think it goes off the rails on page 26. But there's an alarming number of "make it more yellow" type notes at this time of year.

What you never get -- and I mean never get -- is the note of "I think this could be funnier." I admit that I'm on the radical fringe of we-could-learn-some-lessons-from-Green-Acres, but it seems like at least sometimes they should say, "You have permission to be sillier."

I take it back, actually. I have gotten the note of, "There's more fun to be had." "Where?" I replied. Again, they didn't know.

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