Heatup Roundup: Yes! More Spiteful Bush Funding Cutoffs Edition

• Pielke Sr. preaching about the many uncertainties in modeling the climate of the future (which I think was an exhibit in the old Tomorrowland). So why are we making these goals for our emissions if we don't know that it will do any, or enough, good? John Fleck replies:

"The short answer is that we make decisions all the time, large and small, in the face of uncertainty. We do it based on our understanding of the uncertainties, which we hope scientists have done a good job explaining to us. And we do it based on other values and considerations. The science can help us here, but it’s not the only input into the process."

Kit Stolz is a busy bee. Highlights include a spiteful Bush funding cutoff in Oregon, and an acknowledgement that Santa Ana winds, the wildfires they cause, and the weird creepy apocalyptic light therefrom, have now become a fall-winter phenomenon, not just a feature of late fall.

• Alternative Energy Blog gives a shout out to the top ten green utilities. My own LADWP is seven, because of its Green Power program. The surcharge is not that much, guys!

INSTA-UPDATE Tony Blair says we have seven years to save the planet. I don't know if it's seven years from when he said it or seven years from right now. You get the idea. Also, he says it's still OK to fly -- we'll save the planet some other way!

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