Heatup Roundup: "Another Dire Warnings and Fascist Tuesday" edition

• Apparently the Guardian has a story entitled "Climate Scientists to issue Dire Warning". You can respond like this or you can respond like that. Or, as the Beastie Boys noted, you can respond with the wiffle ball bat.

• More dire: Greenland is melting far faster than we thought. Take that, Santa Monica!

• Rob McMillin thinks environmentalists are fascists. Unless they're communists. I'm not sure that word means what you think it means.

Climate Audit stops with the statistics long enough to skeptify on Kilimanjaro. It all seems a little nitpicky to me, but what do I know? (Seriously, tell me.) Speaking of, John Fleck amuses hiimself by bringing together Michael Mann and Steve McIntyre, Mr. Hockey and Mr. Anti-Hockey. (Apologies to Gordie Howe, of course.)

• Kevin Vranes reminds us that hydrogen is an energy sink, and compares the airlines to clueless Detroit. Hey, I compare the TV networks to clueless Detroit! I'm already working this side of the street, buddy!

Environmental Economics continues stumping for a gas tax. (Also at Gristmill, but I like EE better.) I go along; if it reduces the numbers of Escalades I can't see around, I definitely go along.

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