Good News! Apple is evil

Nocera (TimesSelect, alas):

"'Apple has been willing to alienate a certain percentage of its customer base forever,' said Chip Gliedman, a vice president with Forrester Research, the technology research firm. Why? Because Apple is an extraordinarily arrogant company. 'Apple thinks it is special,' is how Mr. Gliedman put it.

At this particular moment, of course, Apple is special, and it can get away with being arrogant. It has a product that everyone wants, and for which there is no serious competition.

But it seems to me that Apple is on a dangerous course. Yes, it has strong incentives to minimize tech support, but to say 'Not Our Problem' whenever an iPod dies is to run the serious risk of losing its customers' loyalty. "

I love Apples; the first computer I bought was a PowerBook when Apple was at its absolute nadir. That said I never got the messianic quality of Apple lovers -- can't the see that it is a company like other companies?

The same skepticism also applies to Barack Obama.

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