Heatup Roundup: The Wine Remembers edition

• Bryan Lawrence notes
that things may get too palmy for European viniculture. But is it good for the Kiwis?

• Brian Schmidt
on the disappearing-frogs-of-South-America story, and isn't quite sold:

While the extent of climate change and the warmth that we currently have exceeds anything in the last thousand years or more, that is just a wink of an eye in the biological lifetime of a species. These frog should have faced prior similarly warm global temperatures, which presumably would have had similar microclimate effects. If the frogs made it through similar periods in the past, why are they in so much trouble now?

But adds:

The difference between me and my conservative friends who deny global warming is that the denialists would rely on this amateur doubt to conclude that the experts were complete frauds, and stop thinking about it any further. In my case, I haven't even read the original scientific articles, and because I'm not an expert I acknowledge that I might be missing something.

Huzzah for that attitude!

• Roger Pielke Jr. pooh-poohs the Sunday's New York Times Op-ed that stated that Al Gore's orbiting spaceship, now killed, could have helped say more about climate change.


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