Heatup Roundup: Waiting for Studio Notes Edition

One of these days I will outline the majesty of the sitcom development cycle, but while there's a break in it, the following.

Scary article in The Indpendent: warming oceans will cause the plankton to die, killing off plankton feeders and a carbon sink for us human dudes. Of course, I always think these studies have their nuance stripped off during processing for newspaper articles.

• Pielke Sr. questions the idea that 2005 was the warmest year in a century. It's hard for me, a humanities major, to figure out why, though.

• Pielke Jr. asks the musical question:

"What behavior of the climate system could hypothetically be observed over the next 1, 5, 10 years that would be inconsistent with the current consensus on climate change?"
Cooling ocean temperatures, his commenters say, although I may be misreading them. He also has a good post on Gaia Guy's jeremiad. Brian Schmidt also rolls his eyes.

Rob McMillin, who I always enjoy, is back. Iceland's trying to go gasoline-free. More for us!

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